Monday, May 26, 2014

Power of Social Media

I just went to my college reunion and was on linkedin finding my classmates and connecting, when I saw a face that I am familiar with on Ravelry. She's quite a prolific poster and also in the SF Bay area so I friended her on Ravelry and we met for coffee yesterday.  We attended a very small science and engineering school with very few women so it was nice to meet another alumna.  When I went to college I toyed with the idea of going to fashion design school but decided career prospects are better in the sciences even though I was interested in both.  I think I made the right decision, after school, grad school,  I took fashion design classes at the local community college and was just short 2 classes for a diploma when I had to drop out because I had to travel for my day job.  And now I design knitwear in my "spare" time so I get the best of both careers.  My Ravelry friend is doing the same, she has a job and dyes and weaves off-hours -  and she also used Nancy Robert's technique which I just blogged about, it's really a small world.