Saturday, April 12, 2014

Knitting Guild Meeting

I went to the MKGSFBA, otherwise known as the Machine Knitters Guild of the San Francisco Bay Area meeting today.  We meet in El Soborante once a month.  At today's meeting we measured each other so we can customized Susans Lazear's Cape Sweater.  It's just a plain rectangle draped sweater but her pattern gives instructions based on your measurements.  It was really insightful as I am "short" but my arm length and span is longer than my measurement partner who is several inches taller than me.   She has short arms.  I guess the lesson is patterns are just for the average measurements everyone is unique.  I suppose that' why we knit/make our own clothes, not only for individuality but also for fit.

Anyway highly recommend the pattern many of our members already made one and they all look great no matter what size/shape they are.  Hoping to post one here soon.  Although I have 2 deadlines in the next week for knitting projects and written patterns so might not make it for a while.