Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My First Design in a Hardcover (REAL) Book

Even though I have something like 30 designs now, but many of them are only available as downloads.  I like to see my designs in hard cop - glorious colors on slick paper that you can touch.   I've had quite a few designs in magazines but books have a kind of permanence.  Of course I already have designs in soft covered books - draped top in Classic Elite's Oceanside and lace scarf in Knitpicks Under 100.

So I got my designer complimentary copy today of Knit Noro 23 and it's a hardback.  The publishers also offered me a discount for additional copies for a limited time, too bad I will miss both of my knitting meetings this month, otherwise I can see if anyone wants a copy.   Next design goal - a cover.  The closest I have come so far is that the En Pointe pullover was used as the cover for the mock up for the first knit.wear issue. Anyway got to run- have to read my new book.